Launched in 1960, Pulse sits at the heart of a highly engaged and loyal audience of 44,000 GPs. Over our long history, we have evolved our offering to provide an indispensable and comprehensive range of trusted content that meets the needs of all GPs. But our core values have remained the same: to provide GPs with the information and support they need to treat their patients better and run their practices more effectively.

Our content spans political and financial news, formal CPD, cutting-edge investigations, clinical updates, thought-provoking debate and practice business advice. Our award-winning editorial team really does set the agenda, with Pulse exclusives seeing us name-checked in the national media regularly.

Pulse 365 is the new education platform for grassroots GPs, brought to you by the award-winning team behind PULSE magazine, Pulse LIVE, and PULSE Learning. Designed to give you easy access to the best CPD and professional educational content in a variety of formats, PULSE 365 lets you learn anytime, anywhere.

Choose from a mix of bite-sized, interactive and longer-form content spanning over 27 clinical areas, depending on your preferences and time. Relevant and constantly updated, content is presented in a variety of formats: CPD modules, virtual seminars, on-demand sessions, in-person events, handbooks, directories and articles; with tools to help you plan throughout the year: save favourites, track progress, add to calendar and more….

PULSE 365 will also allow you to connect and collaborate with fellow GPs, so you can share best practice to help improving patient care.

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