At Medi2data, our goal is to simplify the transaction of medical data. Over 5 million requests for medical evidence are sent to GP surgeries by Instructing Parties each year, for the purposes of informed decision making. We have developed a suite of technologies and services that make the management of medical reporting and medical evidence gathering more efficient and secure for all stakeholders.

Our services are designed to lessen the time GP surgeries and Instructing Parties spend on requesting, processing and reviewing medical data. We pride ourselves on our market-leading propositions, saving GP surgeries up to 18 hours per week and delivering Instructing Parties medical evidence 80% faster than before.

As an NHS accredited supplier, Medi2data processes data inline with the information security accreditation, ISO 27001, and is compliant with all regulatory standards, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

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