Veena Aggarwal

GPST3, Vice Chair of RCGP Climate and Sustainability special interest group, Co-chair of Greener Practice Trainee Forum

Veena is in her last year of GP Training in the Kingston and Roehampton Training scheme, South West London. She undertook a fellowship at Greener NHS from 2021-2022 where she worked on sustainable primary care especially the carbon footprint of inhalers. Since she returned to clinical practice she has been busy trying to promote sustainability in multiple different areas. She has chaired two Greener Practice groups (South London and the Trainee forum which she set up in late 2022).She has taught on several GP training scheme half day release sessions around London, and spoken at GP update days and webinars locally and nationally.

Veena vice chairs the Climate and Sustainability special interest group at the RCGP where she advises the RCGP on how they can become more sustainable an organisation, incorporate sustainability into the exams and advocate for climate action nationally. She is also a climate spokeperson for the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change.

She is a recent vegan convert and a keen advocate for plant based nutrition to patients, having recently undertaken the Winchester University Plant Based Nutrition course.

She also campaigns on education and advocacy for ongoing action on protections for healthcare staff and patients from covid and the recognition of the long term organ damage and health impacts of covid on the health of the nation.