Shilpa Patel

Lead Prescribing GP Pharmacist and Partner

Shilpa Patel, originally from Norway, is one of the first GP pharmacist partners in UK. With over 17 years of experience in community pharmacy and 8 years as a clinical pharmacist, Shilpa has developed a deep understanding of general practice through creating and supervising a team of nine pharmacists and training them into their individual roles, leading on a GP merger, running a highly successful benzodiazepine detox clinic as well as being the medication lead for a practice of 25.000 patients. Shilpa writes for the C&D and EmpowHER; inspiring and encouraging pharmacists to explore new avenues and promoting excellence and has created; providing time-saving prescribing guidelines for primary care.

As a judge, she firmly believes in maintaining the highest standards of fairness and impartiality. She is committed to evaluating entries with meticulous attention to detail and providing constructive feedback to promote growth and excellence. You can connect with Shilpa via LinkedIn for latest updates and insights into the world of general practice and pharmacy.