Helen Crowther

National Digital Primary Care Nurse Lead/ Clinical Lead, CNIO Office & Transformation Directorate, NHS England

Helen’s remarkable career in nursing spans over 24 years, during which she has made significant contributions to Primary Care, nurse leadership, and digital healthcare.

Helen’s achievements include being recognised in the ‘Year of the Digital Profession’ Digital and Data Awards 2022. She is an alumna of the Rosalind Franklin NHS Leadership Academy and Florence Nightingale. Helen became the first adopted Macmillan Nurse in General Practice and received Nurse of the Year and Community Woman of the Year awards, showcasing her exceptional dedication. Her impact in increasing health screening uptake and advancing the digital agenda at NHS England demonstrates her unwavering commitment to healthcare innovation.

As a Florence Nightingale Foundation Digital scholar, she has earned international acclaim for pioneering tools to support the digitisation of various aspects of general practice. Her role as the National Clinical Lead for National Access to Records in England, enables over 23 million view of GP records via the NHS App, underscores her profound influence on healthcare accessibility and safeguarding.

Helen fosters a culture of collective leadership through initiatives like the Digital Nurse Network and the Digital Shared Decision Making Council for CNO Dr. Ruth May, promoting collaboration and shared responsibility in advancing digital healthcare.

Helen’s active involvement in international conferences and advisory panels further solidifies her reputation as a global leader in nursing and digital healthcare. Actively participating in organisations like HIMSS 5 nations and PRSB, and on international advisory panels such as KLAS.