Dr Caroline Taylor

Chair, NAPC

Caroline was appointed as Chair of NAPC in September 2021.  She is a GP practicing in Calderdale and the GP representative on the Calderdale Cares ICB as well as Calderdale GP clinical lead for mental health/LD/Autism and children/young people.

Caroline believes firmly in the neighbourhood care model, described originally by NAPC, and works with NAPC on related programme delivery in particular population health Improvement and the place programme. She is passionate about the need to improve wellbeing of those working in health and care and is Senior Responsible Officer for CalderdaleCares4Us programme delivering innovative wellbeing support to all public sector workers, volunteers and carers who live or work in Calderdale through their local Mental Health charity Healthy Minds.

Caroline is leading the development of an innovative holistic mental health and wellbeing decision tree by West Yorkshire ICP for use by all health and care professionals and volunteers to facilitate a more equitable offer for people and reduce workload pressures. She is working on the innovative Calderdale Community Mental Health Transformation and, through NAPC, with other projects nationally which are also founded on the Community Health and Wellbeing Worker model.