Dr Neil Paul

GP Partner at SandbachGPs, Clinical Director for SMASH PCN and Co-owner of Howbeck Healthcare

Neil is full time GP partner for 25 years now. He has had a variety of commissioning roles including PCT PEC member. He helped setup their CCG and switched into provision helping setup a local GP Federation of 30 practices which still exists and supports all the local PCNs. From that he then setup Howbeck Healthcare to support practices, PCNs and Federations that now work with over 300 practices in the midlands and north-west.

He has always had an interest in IT, writing apps for medical students that are on the apple app store and was an IT lead in Cheshire for many years.

Through Howbeck Neil runs a not-for-profit Digital Transformation Conference and the free to use How2.training website and provides a range of digital support services to practices including websites, social media support and a DPO/IG service.
Always interested in innovation and technology, he has worked with the local AHSN doing dragons den like webinars and providing advice to companies. Neil also runs a clinical trials unit that is hopefully about to expand to work across 500K pts.